About Luna Grae

We exist to provide you with a unique and fun fashion accessory. It is our goal to give an excellent customer service experience each and every time.

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Boot Belts

The idea for Boot Belts was born when I got my favorite pair of boots out of the closet…again. I’ve had them for years. Their black, flat heel and full-calf length look makes them look good with everything. Although they were simple, comfortable and without-a-doubt my go-to boots, the truth was, I was bored with them. I wanted to create something to put on them to change them up a bit, make them more interesting. After thinking a lot about my goal – and watching a lot of Shark Tank – I thought, “Why not me?”. And so was born Boot Belts. I hope they make your boring boots fun again.

The Luna Moth Logo

When the Luna moth was mentioned as a possible logo, I smiled. I knew instantly that it was the perfect image to represent my company. I studied Conservation Biology in college and have always had a fascination with insects.

One day in the late 90’s, I found a beautiful cocoon in the back yard. It was autumn so I took it in and a few weeks later, the largest moth I had ever seen emerged. My children had been asking for a pet, but I was reluctant to get a cat or a dog because I knew who would end up feeding and caring for it: me. So I told them this was their new pet. We named it Mothra, and she lived happily ever after – at least for a week or so.

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